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HRCH Gator Pts. Got My Mama's Attitude MH

Callname: Attie
Color: Chocolate
Gender: Female
Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Clear
CNM: clear
EIC: clear
Dilute: Clear

Attie is without a doubt one of the most talented dogs I have ever laid my hands on. She is unbelievable. In 2014, at the age of 1, Attie obtained 5 titles. She got her HR and HRCH in the UKC. She also got her JH, SH and MH in the AKC. She obtained her HRCH and MH titles at 18 months and also qualified for the 2014 Master National at 18 months. She was the 2nd youngest to run the Master National in 2014. At the age of 25 months, she qualified for her 2nd Master National. She did all of this as a baby.

She is a marking machine and fast as ever. She has one speed and that is top speed. She loves the water and has a water entry that will leave you speechless. She is still at the line but a fireball in the field. She is a joy to run and loves to do it all.

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